How do I request the Delo® Truck for my event?

Scheduling for the Delo® Truck is open for March 1, 2023 through the end of year. The 2024 regional schedule will be published in the fourth quarter of 2023. 


Is there a cost for the Delo® Truck?

The Delo® Truck is a complimentary marketing asset to enhance your Delo® event, with two simple exceptions listed below. The only costs to the event host would be fees associated with hosting the event itself, i.e. cost of promotion, food, rentals, giveaways etc.

If the Delo® Traveling Technology Lab is utilized at a trade show, and a booth space purchase is required, the cost of the booth space is paid by the hosting company, along with additional service fees for electrical shore power.

If the Delo® Truck is being utilizing at a facility in which the Delo® Truck’s diesel powered generator cannot be safely operated, the host company is responsible for costs to rent shore power.

What size space is needed to host the truck?

Outside Events

75′ wide by 130′ long, with a minimum of 14’ clearance in an area that is almost entirely level. While the final, setup footprint of the truck is smaller than this, ample room is required to maneuver the truck into place, set up the additional tents, stairs, etc. and stage an event surrounding the truck.

Interior Events

If the truck is going to be displayed indoors, at an event such as a trade show, it will still need plenty of room to maneuver into place. It is best to work with show management on specifics using the outside dimensions given above as a guideline. For the purposes of purchasing booth space, the truck will need a minimum size of 30’ x 60’ to display the trailer only, 30’ x 80’ for the tractor and trailer.

Are any utility requirements needed?

Outside Events 

The Delo® Truck carries its own diesel powered generator.

Interior Events

If the truck is going to be displayed indoors, with or without the trailer, the generator should not be used. The truck will require 60 amp, 3 phase, 208V with neutral and ground.

How much time does it take to setup?

Setup takes place the day before your scheduled event, and will require a minimum of 2 hour once in place. Dismantle occurs at the conclusion of your event and will last an estimated 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How many people are required to staff the truck?

It is recommended that the Delo® Truck is staffed by a minimum of six employees from your company, in addition to any Chevron personnel. An event will require at least three people to staff and lead the Delo® Truck tours at all. It is recommended that staff are scheduled in shifts. Three additional staffers are utilized to work an event registration area and encourage guests outside of the truck, to step inside and take their tour.

What is included with the truck?

The Delo® Truck comes equipped with two, 10′ x 10′ tailgate tents. Recommended use of these tents is at the entrance and exit of the Delo® Traveling Technology Lab.

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