10 Tips for Hosting a Successful and Engaging Delo Truck Event


Reach out to your colleagues and create an event team. Assign roles such as marketing coordinator, operations manager, sales/promotion team, and event task manager. Distributing the work involved with event planning will allow everyone to have ownership, which will produce a well-developed event.

DALLAS, TX - AUGUST 25: Display of Chevron's new DELO truck at the 13th annual Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX, on Thursday, August 25, 2011.


Meet with those involved in planning your event, along with your Chevron Business Consultant. Develop a series of measurable goals for your Delo Truck event. Examples include a specific percentage of increased business, or a meeting with key prospects.

DALLAS, TX - AUGUST 25: Display of Chevron's new DELO truck at the 13th annual Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX, on Thursday, August 25, 2011.


Delo Truck events are a great way to show appreciation to your current customers, while seeking out new prospects. Establish VIPs for your event and offer them a special gift for coming out. Develop separate invites for these VIPs, or let them know about the gift with a follow-up phone call.


Successful Delo Truck events usually last 4 hours. In combination with Delo Truck tours, it’s a great idea to add other aspects to your event that will keep your guests engaged and provide an atmosphere of fun and business. The possibilities with a Delo Truck are endless.

  1. Provide lunch or snacks for your guests
  2. Schedule a Chevron trainer, or provide a guest speaker from your company
  3. Feature a local celebrity or live band
  4. Raffles for small gifts or Delo products
  5. Utilize a public address system to make announcements
  6. Place staff inside the Delo Truck and around the event space to  encourage guest conversation and participation in the tours





When it comes to promoting your event, don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and various types of media. Print invites, e-mail blasts, and ads in local association newsletters are a few. Graphic design resources are available from Chevron when your event is confirmed.



Day to day business can get hectic. Last minute reminders a few days before your event can result in a positive turnout and appearances from those special customers. Involve the sales team, split up the guest list, and take an hour to reach out by phone and emails.



The Delo Truck is an 80-foot,  rolling educational experience which provides valuable information to help your customer’s bottom line.

Offer an incentive, such as a special raffle or promotion, for only those that take a tour. Be sure to place this designated area at the exit of the truck.

Have your guest fill out a survey at the end of the tour. The completed survey will be entered into a drawing after the event.

Give them a reason to see you again. Provide  a  coupon after their tour for a free service, next time they stop in your shop.



Promote Delo and your company long after the event. From koozies to keychains, giveaways are a great take home for all of your attendees. Literature is a valuable sales tool that will provide your guest with product information which they can continually reference.


It’s important to know who came to your event. Set up a registration area at the entrance/exit of the Delo Truck. Utilize two laptops or iPads and an Excel spreadsheet to capture the names and contact information of your attendees. Highlight or specially mark prospects.


One of the most important tasks is the follow-up. A personal phone call, or even a quick email, after your Delo Truck event will go a long way. Create a plan for accomplishing this a few days after.

Delo Truck Event FAQ

Need help placing an order?

See Instructions

What size space is needed to host the truck?

OUTSIDE: 75′ wide by 130′ long, with a minimum of 14’ clearance in an area that is almost entirely level. While the final, setup footprint of the truck is smaller than this, ample room is required to maneuver the truck into place, set up the additional tents, stairs, etc. and stage an event surrounding the truck.

INSIDE: If the truck is going to be displayed indoors, like at a trade show, it will still need plenty of room to maneuver into place. It is best to work with show management on specifics using the outside dimensions given above as a guideline. For the purposes of purchasing booth space, the truck will need a minimum size of 30’ x 60’ to display the trailer only, 30’ x 80’ for the tractor and trailer, and up to 30’ x 90’ if you want to use the pop-up tents.


Any utility requirements needed?

OUTSIDE: If the trailer is hooked to the Chevron tractor it carries its own generator. If the trailer is displayed without the tractor, or a different tractor is used which doesn’t offer a generator, it will require a minimum 20 kw 208v 3ph generator and a certified licensed electrician to connect to the trailer.

INSIDE: If the truck is going to be displayed indoors, with or without the trailer, the generator should not be used. The truck will require 60 amp, 3 phase, 208V with neutral and ground.


What’s the estimated set-up and take down time?

Set up time from the time unit is parked is currently estimated at 3 to 4 hours.

Dismantle time is currently estimated at 2 to 3 hours.

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