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What size space is needed to host the truck?

OUTSIDE: 75′ wide by 130′ long, with a minimum of 14’ clearance in an area that is almost entirely level. While the final, setup footprint of the truck is smaller than this, ample room is required to maneuver the truck into place, set up the additional tents, stairs, etc. and stage an event surrounding the truck.

INSIDE: If the truck is going to be displayed indoors, like at a trade show, it will still need plenty of room to maneuver into place. It is best to work with show management on specifics using the outside dimensions given above as a guideline. For the purposes of purchasing booth space, the truck will need a minimum size of 30’ x 60’ to display the trailer only, 30’ x 80’ for the tractor and trailer, and up to 30’ x 90’ if you want to use the pop-up tents.


Any utility requirements needed?

OUTSIDE: If the trailer is hooked to the Chevron tractor it carries its own generator. If the trailer is displayed without the tractor, or a different tractor is used which doesn’t offer a generator, it will require a minimum 20 kw 208v 3ph generator and a certified licensed electrician to connect to the trailer.

INSIDE: If the truck is going to be displayed indoors, with or without the trailer, the generator should not be used. The truck will require 60 amp, 3 phase, 208V with neutral and ground.


What’s the estimated set-up and take down time?

Set up time from the time unit is parked is currently estimated at 3 to 4 hours.

Dismantle time is currently estimated at 2 to 3 hours.